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Through training, consultation and spiritual intervention, LeaderHeart brings greater connection and healing to organisations and individuals, especially those in leadership.

Based in Australia, LeaderHeart currently work in the Asia Pacific region and are expanding. It's founders, David and Natalie Tensen have worked with a variety of organisations such as churches, schools, multinational companies, SMEs, governments and leadership from a variety of backgrounds.

At the centre of the LeaderHeart approach is a growing set of proven principles and dynamics that, once implemented, bring practical change to the heart and extend out to all facets of life.  Why the heart? Because when the heart of leaders change, the places they lead change. From the living room, to the board room.

We deliver flexible off-the-shelf solutions as well as customised approaches to many personal and organisational needs.

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David & Natalie Tensen Founders

David & Natalie TensenFounders

Phone: 07 5322 5636 (Australia)

When the heart of leaders change, the places they lead change.